Entom Pest Control, a certified licensed FPA (Fertilizer and Pest Authority) member, is this year’s second quarter AGENDA winner.

Committed to giving their customers a safe and pest-free environment, Entom’s dynamic GM, Elmer Baradas, trusts no other termiticide other than Agenda. For years, millions of Filipinos all over the country are termite-free having had their property treated with Agenda by Entom Pest Control.

Entom is also one of the few companies in the Philippines who operates under a QMS (Quality management systems) and an EMS (Environmental Management systems) standard which is assessed by the Anglo-Japanese American Registrars (AJA).

Acknowledged and tested by Entom, Agenda’s unique mode of action not only protects the structure of a building but also effectively controls the termite colony by exposing termites to ultra-low doses of active ingredient when they wander into treated soil.

With that, Pycor, inc and Bayer extend a warm congratulations to Entom Pest Control for being the second quarter’s AGENDA winner!

Entom team made donations for the Yolanda Victims

WE are the DEDICATED TEAM of Entom Pest Control! The company believes to be responsible for it's actions - socially, ethically and environmentally.

Pest Summit Convention

This event was held in Boracay, October 2012. Entom Company sent representatives to the Convention.