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Featured Partner

Filtra Timber Trading

Filtra Timber has been engaged in international timber trading since 1975, and today represents some of the world’s leading timber suppliers in the Philippines. We actively support sustainable forestry principles and are among the first to import FSC and PEFC certified wood.

Filtra Timber represents a global supply base for logs, lumber, veneers, and other timber-based products to major Philippine furniture, door, and moulding producers. It has also introduced a number of new sustainable wood species that can help the industry develop new designs and explore new markets.

We supply and install flooring, decking, wall and ceiling claddings, steps and more. See our for inspiration. We carry several wood species which are very resistant to termite and fungus attacks, and we always recommend that you ensure that your premises conduct regular termite control, and we are therefore happy to partner with Entom Termite Control.

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